Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Nielsens, in another context

Normally when we think of "the Nielsens," we think of television ratings. But Nielsen rates other stuff, as this NTN Buzztime press release indicates:

NTN Buzztime, Inc. (AMEX: NTN) , an out-of-home interactive entertainment company, has verified the reach of its audience on screens in bars and restaurants across the country. Advertisers looking at more effective ways to connect with consumers will find these in-depth results useful for a more targeted and effective advertising buy. Resulting from a study conducted by The Nielsen Company, Buzztime's brand and advertising impact directly connects with more than 10.7 million viewers and 1.14 million Buzztime players who interacted with Buzztime(R) games during a four-week time period in their local eating establishment.

The socially interactive nature of Buzztime is one of the key reasons for strong brand awareness when ads are seen around Buzztime's game content. Buzztime players customarily play in groups averaging 2.3 people. Because game play engages the entire group so does the associated advertising.

Buzztime audiences viewed/played for 45.8 minutes per session; while Buzztime PlayersPlus(R) members stayed engaged for an average of 62.8 minutes per visit. This significant amount of game play exposes Buzztime players to more advertising messages. PlayersPlus members are those registered with Buzztime's loyalty program where members amass points and prizes for frequent game play.

And, of course, the more minutes that people "stayed engaged," the more time that they'll potentially stay engaged with their bartender, waitress, or waiter.


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