Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If I just start promoting waitresses at NTN Buzztime locations, my stats will hit the roof

I was checking my Google Analytics stats for the Empoprise-NTN blog, and I noticed that I got several hits resulting from the Google search "stephanie tequila hoppers."

Unfortunately, the post that people were visiting had nothing to do with any Stephanie from Tequila Hoppers. It does mention a Stephanie, but she is a blogger who had previously mentioned Fitzpatrick's in Greenville, South Carolina.

So who is Stephanie at Tequila Hoppers? I couldn't figure it out. She may be a waitress, she may be the owner, or she may be someone who hangs out there.

If she's a waitress, then perhaps she should have been nominated for the "know your server" game that NTN Buzztime had some time back. Incidentally, that game was won by Erin, who works at CK's Tavern & Grill in Phoenix, Arizona.

But is Stephanie better? Personally, I liked Terri.

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