Monday, April 13, 2009

Why Steve Jobs would ignore Buzztime screens in a restaurant

It's obvious that NTN Buzztime isn't the only trivia game around, and that it actually benefits from a general interest in trivia. So, in my view, increased popularity of trivia could only help NTN Buzztime in the long term.

But still, other trivia venues can be seen as competition. As Louis Gray notes, that competition might be on your own phone. Unless you have the 8 bit rotary variety of phone. But Gray obviously doesn't:

The new Jeopardy game for the iPhone, just released to the iTunes Store, lets you select two modes of gameplay - solo, where you answer every single question, and the more familiar multi-player mode, where you face off against two opponents who have wandered into the studio.

More here, including screen shots. And while NTN Buzztime is technically free (vs. $4.99 for the iPhone Jeopardy game), in the long run you probably save money since you're not paying the restaurant and bar bills that you would while playing NTN Buzztime.

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