Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fighting for Playmakers in Dublin's future?

Urbanspoon reviewed the Buffalo Wild Wings in Dublin, California. The page included commentary from BWW themselves, part of which read as follows:

It's got everything sports fans - and wing fans - dream of. Wall-to-wall big screens featuring all the games, a fantastic beer selection, award-winning chicken wings along with 14 delicious signature sauces, like Honey BBQ, Spicy Garlic and Blazin'. There's even Buzztime Trivia for all you trivia buffs out there.

Reviewer ScottySauce started his review as follows:

very few bw3 locations on the west coast and the first bay area location is in dublin? WEIRD!

this new dublin location just brought me back to the days i had nightmares working as a server.

However, Sauce's concern was about the perceived popularity of the place:

this place is so small and packed and with just the right big crowd the servers and customers are gonna be screwed. with so much entertainment and interactive entertainment they really should expand fast to avoid HELL. this place is like a hooters without the hot girls and an espn zone without the espn and the zone.

Sauce eventually got to some convoluted economic reasoning:

i really don't feel we all need a place like this right now in our economic situation. the price of food and drink is pretty over the top for your typical run of the mill average bar food.

So in essence Sauce is worried that people will SPEND MONEY at the BWW in Dublin. And obviously we can't allow that to happen.

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