Saturday, May 17, 2008

NTN Buzztime on the Trade Show Circuit

NTN Buzztime has issued a multimedia press release.


Buzztime (Amex: NTN), a multi-point social interactive entertainment company, announces the addition of customizable screens to its popular interactive game network. Buzztime will demonstrate the new technology at the 2008 National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago May 17-20 (booth #431). Buzztime-subscribing bars and restaurants can now display their own customized advertising and promotions on their wide-screens TVs, presented alongside Buzztime's fun and engaging trivia, sports, and casino-style games.

"Buzztime is providing a single solution combining entertainment, branding and sales messages to help restaurant and bar owners increase revenues. It is truly ground breaking for the hospitality marketplace and timely given today's economy," says CEO Dario Santana. "With this enhancement, venues have complete and immediate control of their promotional messages, which are positioned alongside our interactive and engaging games. By bundling bar and restaurant-themed advertising with our games, customers are more focused on the messages."

Ah, but I said multimedia. Because MultiVu (associated with PR Newswire) is also distributing this video, which not only shows the advertising solution, but also demonstrates what the game is like - although the games that I usually play, Buzztime (formerly known as Countdown) and Appeteasers also offer hints.

At first I was disturbed at the fact that there was no sound in this video, but then I realized that this was a true and accurate demonstration of the product. Think of your average sports bar, in which one of the TVs (usually the one showing the local team's game) will have sound, and all of the other TVs will be muted, allowing you to watch the game but not hear it. Well, Buzztime is an entirely sound-free activity, so as not to interfere with other things being watched on other TVs. Clever, once you realize what's going on.

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