Friday, July 20, 2012

Road Tips Obituary for Jim Mitchell

I ran across this in my Google Reader feed:

Jim and I had a lot in common - music, audio, food, drinking, NTN Buzztime trivia when we were in bars that had the NTN trivia. We had the same sense of humor, looking at things a little differently and always finding the fun in bad situations. We commiserated about the audio business and how it has changed and not for the better over the past few years. And we helped each other out with leads or information when we could.

Jim was Jim Mitchell, a friend of the Road Tips writer who recently passed away. Here's some more about Jim, which probably indicates why he was interested in NTN Buzztime trivia:

When I began to work with Audio Etc. in 1995, I joined Jim and our colleague, Randy, in Los Angeles for some manufacturer training sessions as my first duties for the company. Then we took a day to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway, stopping along the way at Hearst Castle, Nepenthe in Big Sur, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park with its stunning views and large Redwood trees, and had dinner in Monterrey on Cannery Row before going on to San Francisco for the night. That was a killer trip - not only for the things we did and saw, but for how it completely burnt us out from the drive.

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