Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why am I writing about Foursquare in the Empoprise-NTN NTN Buzztime blog?

I had an interesting day playing Buzztime Trivia on Wednesday.

I was back at Out of the Park Pizza, and I did better than I did the last time I played there.

But more importantly, I did not use a Playmaker to play Lunchtime Trivia. Instead, I used NTN Buzztime's Android application to play the games. You just log in, tell it which nearby venue you're playing at, and then just play. One of the staff members mentioned that he has the iPhone version of the application, and that works well for him also.

So yes, I was Androiding around at Out of the Park Pizza today. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the restaurant in Foursquare so I couldn't check -


...wait a minute...

...did I just say "Foursquare"?

Foursquare, the service about which I posted an angry rant on January 15, 2011? You know the rant - the one that was entitled Become a Foursquare mayor. It only costs $2000? The one that included statements such as

The mobile web was a workaround for those who wanted to cheat, but that workaround has now apparently been closed.

As has the ability for mobile web users to legitimately earn mayorships.

Of course, I could still earn Foursquare mayorships if I wanted to. All that I have to do is buy a high end smartphone with GPS enabled, and also buy the high-end service plan that service providers force smartphone users to buy. Lay out $2000 or more, and I can continue to earn mayorships.

It's not worth it.

A little over a year later, I amended my boycott somewhat, since using a netbook at a Starbucks location allows you to specify your location.

But on Wednesday, I used Foursquare to check in to a non-Starbucks location.

And actually I've been checking into several non-Starbucks locations over the last few days.

More later, but I figured that I'd raise the topic again in the NTN Buzztime blog. I like the Android application, by the way.