Monday, December 6, 2010

NTN Buzztime Channel on YouTube

NTN Buzztime wants to let bars and restaurants know the value proposition of including NTN Buzztime as part of their offering.

So now they have a YouTube channel.

Here's one of their videos.

Friday, December 3, 2010

VH1, Activision, Live Nation...and who?

NTN Buzztime recently issued a "what we've done" press release that described some of their partnerships in 2010. There are certain companies that want to access the audience that is using NTN Buzztime's trivia network, and the company wanted to talk about them.

Well, most of them.

Here's part of what they DID say:

The company's recent agreements with VH1 and Activision cost-effectively tied their promotional campaigns to customized Buzztime Trendalicious Trivia games, 15-question countdown-style games featuring cutting-edge pop culture trivia.

Buzztime developed regionalized, mini-trivia network games, social media and on-site competitions for Live Nation to promote tours in specific markets. During these targeted promotions, Buzztime players interact with tour-specific on-screen advertising campaigns which provide tour visibility and awareness.

But NTN Buzztime was a little vague on another partnership:

For the fall of 2010, Buzztime designed a customizable program for a leading brewer to reach their much desired demographic of 21-34 year olds emphasizing highly targeted, interactive on-screen messaging, trivia games and hosted live trivia events.

Why was the brewer's identity suppressed? Does the brewer not want people to know that it regards some things as trivial? Are NTN Buzztime's customers worried that mention of one brewer will anger other brewers, the customers' suppliers?