Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Buzztime app for Facebook

This is dangerous.

While I was on an extended personal leave, I had a couple of opportunities to play Buzztime trivia in Huntsville, Alabama and Upland, California. But I was excited to learn this morning that I have other options.

Yes, people - there is now a Buzztime trivia app on Facebook.

While the primary reason for the app is to introduce people to Buzztime and lure them to the bars to play the standard game, the app does provide a pretty good gaming experience. One difference I noticed - unlike the regular game, the Facebook app does not allow you to change your answer.

Another difference is due to the nature of Facebook. When you play the regular Buzztime game, people from all over the United States and Canada are competing against each other at the same time. Because the new game is an app, the competition is asynchronous, so you aren't playing against each other at the same time, but at different times.

More later.