Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Olive Pit in Orange, California, revisited...on national TV

Even though the Olive Pit in Orange is only a few miles from my work, I haven't been there in years.

The last time that I mentioned the Olive Pit was in a 2008 post - and even then, my last visit was in the past.

(And I still remembered what had happened when I visited the Olive Pit in Orange for the first time in several months, only to discover that they had dropped trivia in favor of poker.)

While I was staying away from the Olive Pit, it turns out that other people were staying away also - until the people from Bar Rescue showed up.

Bar Rescue is one of those shows where an expert goes into a business, cusses people out, and gets the owner and employees to fix the business. And that's what happened at the Olive Pit.

Games (or lack thereof) weren't really a topic in the show, other than the relocation of some of the coin-operated games. At the end of the show, the place had been renamed "The O.P.," food and bar service was much better, and the original owner had been encouraged to retire and let his daughter run the place.

However, The O.P. is no longer running any type of Buzztime game, according to Buzztime's location list. But it rates halfway decently on Yelp - note that some of the ratings were from before the Bar Rescue makeover, but that some of the post-makeover ratings aren't five star.

But if you're in Orange and want to play Buzztime trivia, the O.P. is out, and Scottie's Smokehouse is out, so head down to Danny K's. (I've actually played there a couple of times; it's sort of the Buzztime mecca in Orange.)