Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NTN Buzztime and Texas Hold'Em Poker at Bikini Joe's in Cape Coral, Florida

In my various NTN/Buzztime writings, I have tended to neglect their Texas Hold'Em Poker games - perhaps because the one time that I did play poker on NTN/Buzztime, I failed miserably. But some people are getting enjoyment out of it, as the Fort Myers (Florida) News-Press notes:

The playing cards and poker chips have been replaced by a television and electronic devices as NTN Buzztime - a company that produces interactive entertainment - and Bikini Joe's have teamed up for Texas Hold 'Em Video Poker tournaments each Tuesday.

"I enjoy offering the Texas Hold 'Em tournaments," said Roger Lowe, owner of Bikini Joe's. "It brings in a lot of great people, and I really like having the opportunity to visit with our poker regulars."

The tournament is free to enter, and Bikini Joe's offers a $20 tab to the winner.

Bikini Joe's Buzztime info is at http://players.buzztime.com/bt_site.php?sid=32937. There's also a wi-fi listing and a MySpace page.

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