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Yes, people sitting around in bars ARE desirable

This press release was issued June 24. Note the "dwell time" and return rate.

CARLSBAD, Calif., June 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NTN Buzztime, Inc. (Amex: NTN), an out-of-home entertainment company, announced 65.9 percent of the Buzztime audience is the highly desirable 21-49 year old demographic according to a recent study conducted by The Nielsen Company. The Buzztime Network is currently available in bars and restaurants across North America and features casual interactive games played on television screens.


In addition to having a desirable target demographic for advertisers, Nielsen also concluded that 86 percent of those interviewed were aware of Buzztime screens. These viewers demonstrated high ad awareness with over 50 percent recalling(1) an NFL Network advertisement on Buzztime screens during their stay.

Nielsen also documented that Buzztime players are 66 percent male and 34 percent female with an average annual income of $69,855. The audience had a dwell time of nearly one hour per visit (59.3 minutes) and 59 percent of the respondents visited the same location three or more times during the previous four weeks.

"The Nielsen results support the value of the Buzztime Network to both advertisers and venue owners," said Tim Nichols, Senior Director of Business Intelligence and Product Management. "Based on these findings, we are now able to quantify and demonstrate the value of our Buzztime audience."

Mr. Nichols further stated that, "Buzztime is a unique platform for advertisers to reach their target audience in a setting where they are engaged with our games and open to receiving advertising messages. We believe Buzztime’s reach in the out-of-home market among the 21-49 year olds is exactly what advertisers are seeking."

Nielsen’s Strategic Media Research fielded intercept interviews for a sample of dates and day-parts across Buzztime-installed locations. Interviewing took place in 47 locations across two measurement intervals: December 11-15, 2007 (5 days) and February 25-March 16, 2008 (21 days). Dayparts consisted of 5 hours each, from 5-10pm. Interviews were completed with 788 visitors 18+ yrs. old as they exited the site.

(1) Net of unaided, aided and photo-prompted.

About NTN Buzztime, Inc.

NTN Buzztime, Inc., a leader in social interactive entertainment for more than 20 years, is based in Carlsbad, CA. Buzztime is distributed in-home and out-of-home across broadband platforms including online, cable TV, satellite TV, and in approximately 3,800 restaurants, sports bars and pubs throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Buzztime entertainment is also available on electronic games and in books. For more information, please visit

Buzztime is a member of the OVAB | Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau.

Buzztime and Play Along TV are registered trademarks of Buzztime Entertainment, Inc.

Forward-looking Statements

This release contains forward-looking statements which reflect management’s current views of future events and operations including but not limited to estimates of financial performance and cash flows, trends in subscriber preference and engagement and results of marketing strategies. These statements are based on current expectations and assumptions that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. These risks and uncertainties include the risk of changing economic conditions, the impact of executive management transitions, failure of product demand or market acceptance of both existing and new products and services and the impact of competitive products and pricing. Please see NTN Buzztime, Inc.’s recent filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission for information about these and other risks that may affect the Company. All forward-looking statements included in this release are based on information available to us on the date hereof. These statements speak only as of the date hereof, and NTN Buzztime, Inc. does not undertake to publicly update or revise any of its forward-looking statements, even if experience or future changes show that the indicated results or events will not be realized.

Jake Tauber
Executive Vice President,
Content & Marketing
NTN Buzztime, Inc.

Sarah Znerold
SZPR, Inc.

SOURCE NTN Buzztime, Inc.

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