Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Not Six. Technically, Four Point Five.

I'm in Illinois right now. After leaving my old neighborhood in Evanston, it was dinner time. Rather than going to Double Vision, I went for the predictability of a Buffalo Wild Wings in Mount Prospect, Illinois. (It was on Euclid Avenue; since I live in Ontario, California, the street name was easy to remember.)

I didn't get there until after 8:00 pm CDT, and I couldn't stay late, so I jumped into the Six game during Round Two. So instead of playing all four rounds, I just played three. (Hence the title.)

I still got a score of 26,738, but it was nowhere near the winning score for the site.

And that may be it for my actually having an opportunity to play NTN Buzztime for a while, despite my fame as an identifier of all things trivialicious. I can't guarantee that I'll play during Oracle OpenWorld, since Sunday will be busy with the blogger dinner, and Wednesday will be busy with the concert (unless I lose my wristband again).

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