Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are you too smart for NTN Buzztime? Think again

Think of your stereotypical image of a Mensa person. You imagine that he or she is hiding away in a library, far from the crowds - and certainly not in a bar, playing trivia.

Well, that stereotype has gone the way of quadrophonic recording. Here's the word from Summit County, Colorado:

A Frisco couple who honed their trivia skills on an electronic game popular in bars outsmarted some of the biggest brains in the country in claiming the Mensa “national championship.”

Dennis and Wendy Lenahan practiced on NTN Buzztime trivia games twice each week at Po’ Boys Restaurant before going on to win the CultureQuest trivia contest with High Mountain Mensa’s Team Highbrow.

The High Mountain Mensa group website is here. But Team Highbrow's chances of winning in the future may have decreased:

There has been a “brain drain” in the high country since the competition, however, as the Lenahans recently moved to Salem, Ore., to be near their children. Dennis Lenahan said he’ll probably remain a member of the Western Colorado group, as he edits its newsletter. But Wendy may join the group in Oregon because it needs someone to chair its scholarship committee.

The statistics for the Po Boys Frisco site are at

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