Friday, December 2, 2011

Brian Reich liked the game so much, he bought the service (apologies to Victor Kiam)

I've previously talked about NTN Buzztime's marketing efforts toward bars and restaurants. Briefly, its sales pitch is that establishments who buy NTN Buzztime attract customers who stay longer, thus spending more money. The hope is that the increased revenue offsets the cost of buying the NTN Buzztime service.

But some people discover the benefits later.

NTN Buzztime has a website,, that is specifically dedicated to pitching its benefits to eating and drinking establishments. Visitors can learn about the service, play a sample game, and read case studies, such as the case study (PDF) for Jilly's in Ellicott City, Maryland. It begins as follows:

Brian Reich, owner of Jilly’s Ellicott City, started playing Buzztime at neighboring restaurants. His love of the product motivated him to bring the addictive fun and compelling games that Buzztime offers in HIS restaurant.

The case study talks about the increase in visitors (sadly, without mentioning any specific dollar increases in revenue). But that may not matter, since the case study concludes as follows:

Best of all? Brian Reich can play Buzztime whenever he wants.

Jilly's has had trivia for over four years now (the first review dates from March 2007). It seems to be working for them.

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