Thursday, October 27, 2011

A rare appearance in the National Top 100

I can't remember when I was last in the National Top 100, but perhaps my recently once-a-week Lunchtime play is paying off. As you can see, I ranked 91st in the 12:45 pm PDT Lunchtime game on Wednesday October 26. (My 98 rank on the 12:15 pm game doesn't count, because a game needs to have a minimum 1,000 players to be ranked.) The sad thing is that I probably could have made the top 100 in the 12:30 game also. That game asked a question about the Moriscos being expelled from Spain in 1492, and despite the fact that the word "Moriscos" is very much like the word "Moor," I initially chose the response "Jews" instead of "Muslims," thus missing out on a few hundred points. Oh well, woulda coulda shoulda. My player profile, by the way, is at And the Buzztime page for Scottie's Smokehouse in Orange, California is here. (My home location is still Tequila Hoppers in Upland, but it's kinda sorta difficult to get from Orange County to Upland at lunchtime.)

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