Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Airline trivia? It's been done.

While perusing the tubes, I ran across this suggestion at the site whynot.net:

The idea would be that NTN Trivia systems (used commonly in pubs and restaurants) be available in-flight, which you could play against others on your flight, or even perhaps collectively as a team (co-op) against other flights. Long Flights and high cost of travel is in need of better entertainment than the usual in-flight movie.

However, NTN Buzztime has been beaten to the punch. I took a Delta flight to Atlanta which included an online trivia game in which you competed against other passengers.

And I'm not the only person to play trivia on a Delta flight to Atlanta. See this Flickr photo.

Here's what Delta says:

Up for some friendly competition with your fellow passengers? Check out Delta’s interactive Trivia game for free.

It's interesting to note that in this case, the differences outweigh the similarities. NTN Buzztime's pitch to bar owners is that if you install trivia in the bar, patrons will drink more and stay longer. However, Delta passengers aren't affected by this, because they can't leave the flight. And the airlines enforce a drink maximum.

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