Monday, December 8, 2008

Board in Pittsburgh

A thread developed regarding the existence, or lack thereof, of bars in the Pittsburgh area that had board games. But the economics may not work:

The only problem with having gaming nights at coffee shops or bars is that people tend buy one thing and stay there for hours and buy nothing else. This was a problem at the Oakland Beehive years ago with people playing Magic: The Gathering. They would buy a $1.00 coffee and sit and play for hours and not buy anything else. This is bad for business. This may be different in bars, I dunno, but that's the only drawback I see about any establishment holding one of these nights. The NTN/Buzztime electronic trivia games they have at places like Buffalo Wild Wings and Damon's force you to take breaks between rounds to get a drink or order/eat your food. They also have sponsors/commercials during that time to avert the cost of playing.

I never thought of the pauses between rounds as an incentive to buy stuff. I always looked at them as an incentive to eat stuff, or to use the facilities.

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