Friday, July 24, 2009

Maybe there will be an 8,999 to shake things up

When you play one of the 30-minute "Countdown"-like NTN Buzztime games, your score can be anywhere between 0 and 15,000. If you are a Players Plus member, you can earn bonus points if your final score is above a total that is displayed at the beginning of the game. In the past when I've played, the score needed to earn Players Plus points would vary - sometimes 9,000, sometimes 7,000, sometimes even less.

But RoadDog has noticed something recently:

[W]hat I want to know is why NTN continues to go through posting how many points it takes to get the Players Plus Bonus. It used to vary, but now is a guaranteed 9000. Why waste the time?

I haven't confirmed this myself, so I don't know whether this is just a fluke of RoadDog's visits, or if NTN Buzztime has really changed its policy. I personally don't care, since my goal is to score over 10,000 on these games, but I'm sure some people miss the lower totals.

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