Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teams and prizes in the non-NTN Buzztime experience

When I play NTN Buzztime trivia, I play by myself and compete for the fun of it. But other experiences vary, especially if NTN Buzztime is not used. Some people play in teams:

For those who don't know, trivia nights are held in every city, usually in a restaurant or bar. It's free to play, and you can have an unlimited number of people on your team, although it's wise not to have too many or you'll have to divide the spoils (we play with 6-8). Much like a sports competition, the night is broken into two halves, each half asking 9 trivia questions. After each question is asked all the teams have one song to turn in their answers and must decide on how many points you will wager for that question. They throw in a bonus question at "half time" and at the end as well as some "double point" questions during each half. The top three teams win some sort of prize.

And some people play for prizes:

Because we play at Buffalo Wild Wings, the 3rd place team wins 12 wings, the 2nd place team wins 24 wings, and the 1st place team wins $50--enough to pay the tab for all the beer and margaritas you drink.

From the description, these games are not NTN Buzztime games, and are restricted to the specific location, but they sound fun nevertheless.

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