Monday, April 12, 2010

Too bad it's not on-site - or maybe it's too bad

What if you had a job that wasn't really a job at all? I've had some good jobs over the years, and once had to watch out when I used the word "play" in reference to a job duty.

Now I haven't found the job that would let me sit around and play Buzztime trivia all day, but with a bit of tweaking, this job may come close.

We are seeking an energetic individual to join our Quality Assurance team as a Senior QA Engineer.


* Develop test cases and procedures from specified project documentation
* Coordinate all testing resources for assigned projects
* Execute test cases and procedures
* Accurately report and track defects throughout development life cycle
* Report red flag issues to management
* Attend product/project meetings
* Collaborate with the development team to define, document and continually improve the internal development process
* Keep up-to-date with competitive products, technical literature and standards

The Bottom Line

The Sr. QA Engineer will be responsible to create and implement test plans and procedures based on specific project documentation. This involves review and comprehension of functional requirements including use sequence diagrams and use case specifications. Engineers are responsible for ensuring software bugs are reported, tracked and resolved according to QA life cycle procedures.

Now I currently work for a company that creates automated fingerprint identification systems, and we have a full complement of QA engineers ourselves. I worked closely with them during my years in product management, and am well aware of their work on test cases, test scripts, and the like.

But our QA engineers didn't go out to the FBI or state law enforcement agencies or whatever to do their testing. Their testing was performed in a corner of the production floor of our company facilities.

Similarly, I'd bet that the NTN Buzztime Senior QA Engineer will get a cubicle in Carlsbad and a space on the production floor to do her or his work, and won't be coming out to your local Buffalo Wild Wings to put the bar machines through their paces.

But perhaps an on-site QA job would be nice - for a time. I'm sure that after a few months, or even a few weeks, an endless round of Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants would be tiring.

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