Thursday, January 13, 2011

White men CAN jump...and quote Shakespeare...and write NTN trivia

Phil Warren has challenged himself to meet new people this year, and one of the people that he met goes by Matt "787" Sargeant. Sargeant attended Princeton (and played basketball there; see the video at Warren's post), and has been known to quote Shakespeare at times. Which I guess comes in handy, considering Sargeant's day job:

One of the most intriguing things about him, in my mind, is that he works for NTN Buzztime- this means he actually got paid to write trivia for those games you seen in sports bars, hot wings joints, and well, other places you see trivia games.

Sargeant's public LinkedIn profile confirms what one may already suspect - he is (or was) the "Sarge" sports guru for NTN Buzztime, although he is now functioning as the producer of mobile development.

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