Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have a local Black Angus Restaurant (formerly known as Stewart Anderson's Black Angus Restaurant) near me in Montclair, California. The restaurant has seemed less crowded in recent years, possibly due to the economy.

But perhaps NTN Buzztime can help perk things up.

The BullsEye Bar @ Black Angus Steakhouse, a new sports bar within existing Black Angus Steakhouses, is adding entertainment technology from NTN Buzztime, Inc.. NTN provides a social entertainment and integrated marketing platform for bars and restaurants. Buzztime offers sports, cards and trivia games as well as themed-promotions and contests.

The BullsEye Bar concept offers offers food, drinks and sports in a casual environment. Buzztime's bar trivia will entertain Guests while providing the BullsEye Bar locations with a vehicle to communicate promotional offers, new menu items, and potentially increase revenue. On average, according to an Arbitron® study, Buzztime players stay 30 minutes longer and spend $5 more per visit than other customers.

Apparently my local Black Angus bar will be remodeled and reopened in early September. I'm not sure when they'll get Buzztime, but apparently the Ontario Black Angus already has it.

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