Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Transferring from a defunct location

Paul Ryburn finally made it to Calhoun's, but ran into a couple of issues - one that he solved, and one that he didn't.

The difficulties come from the fact that when you join NTN Buzztime as a Players Plus member (not required, but nice if you want to keep track of your scores), you are assigned a home location. If you want to play at another location, such as Calhoun's, you need to append a three-digit code to your ID when logging in. (For example, the code for Tequila Hopper's in Upland, California is UQR; if I play elsewhere, I need to append this code.)

Paul's current home location is Sleep Out Louie's, which has the three character code "gWW."

Or, more accurately, had the three character code "gWW" - you see, Sleep Out Louie's is apparently closed.

However, Paul remembered the old code, or found out what the code was, and shared it in his blog post so that other Sleep Out Louie's patrons could log into their accounts.

But then Paul ran into Problem Number Two:

I haven’t been able to find a way to transfer my home site (and my points) from Sleep Out Louie’s to Calhoun’s, because Buzztime no longer recognizes SOL as a valid location. If anyone figures out a way to do this let me know.

Well, I searched the Buzztime site:

My site has closed how do I transfer my points?
If you wish to change home locations permanently, you are allowed (but not required) to transfer your Players Plus account from your old location to a new one. The easiest way to do this, is to use the transfer page.

First, go to the new site and register as a new Players Plus member. You can use the same PIN and handle at your new site as long as that particular PIN isn’t already in use at that site. Begin using the new PIN immediately and completely stop using the old PIN once the new PIN has been created.

Once you have created the new account, wait at least five working days to allow the new account to show in our database. Then you must contact Players Plus to initiate the transfer. Go to our web site’s Contact Us page. For “Category” select “Players Plus,” and for “Issue” select “Transfer Account.” Fill out the form and send the message. Once the transfer is completed we will notify you via e-mail. Note: the information in both accounts must match in order to complete the transfer, so be sure to use the same contact information when you create the new account.

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