Thursday, January 22, 2009

Did I forget to mention, did I forget to mention Memphis?

Paul Ryburn blogged this way back on January 9:

BIG NEWS for trivia fans this morning. Buzztime Trivia, formerly known as NTN Trivia, will return to Downtown Memphis in 3-4 weeks. Last week I mentioned that Calhoun’s sports bar on G.E. Patterson was adding more TVs… the reason why is that some of those new TVs will become monitors for Buzztime Trivia....

For a long time Buzztime was easily accessible to Downtowners, available at Sleep Out Louie’s and TJ Mulligan’s. However, Mulligan’s decided they didn’t want to spend the money, and Sleep Out’s closed down to become a steakhouse that would attract “a different clientele.” So, since February 2007, Downtowners have had to travel to Buffalo Wild Wings at Poplar and Highland to get their Buzztime fix. Within a month they’ll have a local option again.

Interesting story from Paul about how things ebb and flow in the NTN Buzztime world. And it turned out that Calhoun's underpromised and overdelivered, as Paul posted this on January 21:

This morning I got word from the owners of Calhoun’s that NTN/Buzztime Trivia is being installed at 2 this afternoon, so it should be working by this evening.

Later that day, Paul posted another entry:

Not sure whether I’ll make it to Calhoun’s tonight to try out Buzztime Trivia. I have a meeting at 11 AM tomorrow for which I want to be at the top of my mental game...

Ah, but Paul, shouldn't an envigorating round of trivia put you at the top of your mental game? perhaps I should avoid the $1.50 PBR

Presumably this is a reference to Pabst Blue Ribbon, so Ryburn's reluctance to show up is understandable.

But Shane A praises the $1.50 PBR (and looks forward to NTN in his review on Yelp.

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