Friday, January 9, 2009

Empoprise-NTN High Noon - Capital City Bar & Grill (Springfield, IL)

First, an apology to those of you who read last week's Empoprise-NTN High Noon installment and were puzzled by the title "Empoprise-NTN High Noon - where?" You see, I started to write the post before I had identified the NTN Buzztime location(s) that I was going to feature - which, in the end turned out to be the same two locations that I blogged about on November 14, 2008. (So if I'm ever short of ideas, I can write the "where can the Supreme Court justices play trivia games?" post and recycle the same two locations yet AGAIN.)

So anyways, I wrote the post, but forgot to edit the title and change the placeholder "where?" that I had put there. I didn't realize my mistake until after the post had been published. I'm just thankful that my editing error wasn't as serious as the "John Doe" letters that the U.S. Army accidentally sent out.

OK, now let's turn to this week's installment of this fascinating series about different NTN Buzztime locations. And once again, I'm thinking about politics - in this case poor Rod Blagojevich. I mean, in earlier times a guy like him would be praised as a "bastion of free enterprise" for his actions in (allegedly) trying to sell Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder. But now everyone, Republican and Democrat alike, is saying that this is a bad thing, and now even anyone who remotely comes in contact with him (can you hear me, Roland Burriss?) is shunned by everyone as having the super-duper cooties.

So poor Rod doesn't have anyone to pal around with any more, and probably is feeling a bit down in the dumps. What better way to leave your troubles behind than with a nice round of NTN Buzztime trivia?

I know that Rod's from the Chicago area, but I've already written a couple of High Noons dedicated to that area, so I'll concentrate on the Governor's worksite of Springfield, Illinois.

The Illinois Executive Mansion is located on 410 East Jackson, so I kept that in mind while using Buzztime's Site Finder.

Within 12 minutes, the Governor could drive the 5 miles to the Capital City Bar & Grill on Dirksen Parkway.

Who would he find there? As of Thursday, January 8, 2009, some of the players included "NOT U," "CUBZUK," "PADRE," and "STUPID."

Make your own jokes.

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