Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Comments, we get comments...

I've just been perusing the comments that this blog has received recently.

Last October, I wrote about Boston's Restaurant and Sports Bar in Jacksonville, Florida. This yielded the following two one-line comments:

Airport Road NTN Trivia Tournament

Thursdays 8pm - 2 am

Unfortunately, no links were offered, and I couldn't find any more information via web search - other than the fact that Boston's is opening a location in Fontana, California in June 2009. No idea whether it will have NTN Buzztime or not.

Last December, I briefly discussed various NTN sites in Winnipeg, Manitoba, wondering if the Fox Soccer Report hosts played trivia at any of them. This yielded a response from Jeremy St. Louis, of that same Fox Soccer Report:

You're right.

We have very little time for trivia.

Considering that St. Louis wrote this at the same time that two English Premier League managers (Portsmouth's Tony Adams and Chelsea's Luiz Felipe Scolari) were sacked, I guess he's right.

And I have one other trivia thing that doesn't fall into the category of a Disqus comment, but should be highlighted nevertheless. There is an Empoprises Twitter account (naturally, it's @empoprises), and one of my latest followers is the account @twivria. Try to say that three times fast. As you can guess, it posts trivia questions on Twitter every day, which can be answered at the Twivria web site, http://twrivia.com/. A fun pastime for those who are not in bars.

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