Wednesday, February 4, 2009

On NTN Buzztime online communities, part two

Obviously, any discussion of NTN Buzztime online communities is lacking if you fail to mention the official community - namely, the forums at

I'll confess that I don't visit the forums all that often, but obviously other do. When I last visited, the statistics were as follows:

Threads: 12,112,
Posts: 310,073,
Members: 193,489,
Active Members: 10,390

Note that your forums membership is different from your Players Plus membership. Even if you have a Players Plus membership, you still have to register for the forums.

Incidentally, my profile is here. I've changed the referenced blog to this one, which makes sense. I'll probably promote the blog in the forums at some point, but it wouldn't be proper to do so unless I were actively participating in them, I guess.

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