Monday, April 6, 2009

More on plane trivia

Tyler is going to Japan for six months, and he had to fly from Cincinnati to Los Angeles to do it. The flight:

The flight from CVG to LAX was in a 3x3 plane, equipped with touch-screen LCDs in the back of every seat. With the appropriate hardware (headphones) one could either watch TV, purchase movies, listen to music, or play a number of video games. (Television channels included Discovery, MSNBC, CNN, ESPN and a few other channels, and there was a wide selection of music, including modern, jazz, popular, Most of us killed time by playing an interactive trivia game, which was similar to that in Damon’s and Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants.

And you know what game they play in those restaurants.

Tyler didn't identify the airline on which he was flying, but I encountered a similar game on a Delta flight, and Delta appears to be the only airline with a non-stop flight from Cincinnati to Los Angeles (and you can continue to Japan on Delta).

Delta still doesn't include a lot of detail on its trivia game:

Up for some friendly competition with your fellow passengers? Check out Delta’s interactive Trivia game for free.

But after searching, I did find some Delta trivia information:

Designing Women's creators did not want to fire Delta in the first place, but was forced to by the network.

Whoops...wrong Delta. Getting back to the airline, I am wondering if is the source of Delta's trivia. Here's what MindFun says:

As MindFun began adding more original games (using a variety of advanced formats, including Java, Javascript, PHP, and DHTML), other companies like Miller Brewing Company, Delta Airlines,, and others began to notice the great content and approached to syndicate the trivia and games. Now, if you fly Delta Airlines across the Atlantic or around the world, you can play produced questions translated into 5 different languages.

So MindFun appears to be a content producer, but I'm still not sure who designed the application.

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