Monday, April 20, 2009

A place for all (except for two commenters)

So anyways, the Kitsap Sun talked about the owner of MoonDogs Too in Port Orchard, Darryl Baldwin.

Baldwin grew up on a farm in North Dakota until city lights called to him. He relocated to Los Angeles, where he was drawn into a manufacturing position for 25 years.

Baldwin did well, but decided there was much more than the Los Angeles scene and became disheartened with “putting money in other people’s pockets.”

He decided to start his own business, but he didn't want to do it in California - but that's probably a topic for my business blog. He found a historic location which had last hosted a tavern named the Moon Dog Bar and Grill, opened his own establishment (MoonDogs Too), and proceeded to implement his vision:

Baldwin chose to serve the entire community. He feels that some bars and taverns tend to have attitudes that “isolate much of the neighborhood” and he didn’t want to fall into that persona. Baldwin designed MoonDogs Too to be a place where everyone of every age could come for food and entertainment and all the while feel comfortable.

Although not mentioned in the main article, the sidebar states that NTN Buzztime trivia is one of the services that MoonDogs Too provides - and it's free! (Well, you presumably have to buy food and drink.)

In the comments area, however, sherm360 spoils this scene of wonderment:

its funny how this goes in the paper on sat april 11th but friday april 10th they had 8 cops and a ladder truck out front and got closed for the night after a girl got hit in the face with a crutch and another with a beer bottle......and were over

So I figured I'd check the NTN Buzztime reviews of the establishment. At the time I checked, there were three positive reviews and one negative one. One of the positive reviews was practically in heaven:

moondogs is the best bar in washington, i've been to many in seattle and gig harbor that don't even compare in the slightest.

But the negative one was practically in hell. Here's a small sample:

Doesn't draw a real pretty or dental plan user kinda crowd. I've seen oral on the staircase & tittie winks sitting @ the bar. Take condoms if your looking for some Friday nite action or your OWN silverware for the full dining experince.

YMMV. And remember that you can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself.

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