Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can Matt get his mom to play NTN Buzztime?

I'm glad that I've improved my searches, because I'm now turning up more and more stories of people who are playing NTN Buzztime - even if they don't mention the words "NTN Buzztime."

Take Matt, for example. On Friday, April 3, Matt wrote about his experiences at NTN Buzztime - something that he had wanted to do for a while. The post even has a picture of a Playmaker. His experience:

My friend Nick and I played for a couple hours and we each won at least one game. I was awesome at Sports and Entertainment but noticeably lacking in History, Science and Art - should have payed better attention in high school :)

And Matt made this statement, with which even Ken Jennings would probably agree:

Believe me - nothing's lamer than talking trash about Roman history but man, did I make it sound good!

But that's not the end of the story, because Matt's blog post received a comment - from his mom, bragging about Mom & Dad's capabilities at Trivial Pursuit.

It looks like Matt is trying to accomplish some goals. Perhaps he should add a goal to beat his Mom at an NTN Buzztime game.

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