Wednesday, April 1, 2009

NTN Buzztime signs agreement with Denny's

I knew this blogging would pay off some day. Not only have I received recognition, but I also (sort of) received a scoop.

And I was surprised when this recognition/scoop occurred because of this blog - in some ways my least popular blog, but also a blog that specifically targets its vertical market, and is significant in ways that I have never imagined.

It all started with an email that I received from NTN Buzztime. And not just from a marketer, but from Terry Bateman himself.

Dear John,

First, I want to thank you for the work that you've put into your Empoprises-NTN (sic) blog. Not only have we determined that you are one of the top 250 bloggers that blogs on NTN Buzztime issues, but we couldn't help but note that your evangelism of NTN Buzztime has turned up in the Oracle OpenWorld blog which will help extend our brand to database managers and other business experts throughout the United States and Canada.

In recognition of your efforts, you have been credited with 1,000 Players Plus points to your OEMPER account at Tequila Hoppers in Upland, California.

In addition, we are providing you this press release in advance, but are requesting that you embargo its publication until April 1, 2009. We believe that this press release indicates a significant expansion of NTN Buzztime's reach.

Thank you again for your support, John.

Terry Bateman
Chief Executive Officer
NTN Buzztime, Inc.

Before I share the press release with you, let me point out that in the past, NTN Buzztime's game network (as opposed to its other businesses) has specifically targeted bars. Perhaps this is because bars are trivia hangouts, or perhaps it's for other reasons, but you haven't seen NTN Buzztime trivia in, say, a McDonalds.

I should also note that one of the selling points that NTN Buzztime uses is to tell bar owners that presence of NTN Buzztime will not only attract people to their establishments, but will also encourage them to stay longer and to spend more money.

It never occurred to me that this basic selling point could be extended beyond the bar, but perhaps that's why I don't work for NTN Buzztime. Someone thought of this, and in my view it's brilliant.

But let me share the press release:

NTN Buzztime, Inc. Reaches Agreement with Denny's, Creates New Games for New Market

CARLSBAD, Calif., April 1 — NTN Buzztime, Inc. (NYSE Alternext US: NTN) today announced that it has completed an agreement with Denny's to place NTN Buzztime trivia games in all Denny's restaurants.

"This deal greatly expands the reach of NTN Buzztime games," stated Terry Bateman, NTN Buzztime Board member and CEO. "Not only will be expanding our network to 1,500 new locations, for a total of over 5,200 locations, but we will also be expanding the hours in which NTN Buzztime trivia games are available. NTN Buzztime trivia games will now be available during the morning, to address the Denny's breakfast market."

"We are excited to provide NTN Buzztime trivia games to our customers," stated Nelson J. Marchioli, CEO of Denny's. "The new Grand Slam game that will be offered during breakfast hours is estimated to increase our coffee sales substantially, and also gives us an opportunity to introduce new products, including our new Buzztime Breakfast Pastry."

The Grand Slam game, available during breakfast hours, will consist of 15 multiple choice trivia questions administered during a half-hour game. Trivia questions will focus upon a variety of topics, including over-the-air network television, popular music from the 1950s, and literature. The game will be available during morning hours and also during Sunday afternoons in the spring and summer months.

About NTN Buzztime, Inc.

NTN Buzztime, Inc., a leader in interactive entertainment for 25 years, is based in Carlsbad, CA. Buzztime is distributed in-home and out-of-home across broadband platforms including online, cable TV, satellite TV and in approximately 3,746 restaurants, sports bars and pubs throughout North America. Buzztime entertainment is also available on electronic games and in books. For more information, please visit

Buzztime is a proud member of the OVAB |Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau.

Buzztime is a registered trademark of Buzztime Entertainment, Inc. and Playmaker is a registered trademark of NTN Buzztime, Inc.

So, Terry, thanks for the scoop. What a way to start the month of April, getting a scoop like this on the first day of the month.

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