Thursday, May 7, 2009

NTN Buzztime goes to Twitter and West Virginia

It all started when I did a "mentions" search on Twitter and found this tweet:

RT @empoprises: Buzztime trivia benefits an oft-neglected market - the deaf LOVE seeing a fresh analysis Buzztime ! :)

Mary Campbell

Campbell is presumably the same Mary Campbell who recently went out to West Virginia to meet some players:

One local pub is doing its part to bring tourism to the Buckhannon area.
Allburghers Appalachian Pub Co. recently hosted the 2009 W.Va. Buzztime Trivia Open....

Allburghers hosted the event Thursday, March 26 through Sunday, March 29. According to the trivia organizer, who only gave his name as Bob, there were about 50 people from various parts of the country who traveled to Buckhannon to take part in the fun....

A representative from Buzztime Trivia, Mary Campbell, traveled to Buckhannon to distribute prizes and additional electronic trivia pads for the group.

Back to Twitter. BuzztimeGirl also issued this tweet:

Love all the new Buzztime avatars created for the network. Register and build one to display while you're playing:) :o)

I got all ready to upload my picture that I'm using these days...but it turns out that you BUILD a graphical avatar. (It pays to read the get more points that way.)

If you want to see my handiwork, check my profile.

It looks like there are a number of other new features at the Buzztime web site...need to check them out.

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