Tuesday, May 19, 2009

PROFPR beats SKIPPY. Dancing ensues.

I'm not a regular member of any NTN Buzztime group of players, but those groups certainly are out there, and rivalries can occur. In fact, we can go to Memphis, Tennessee, which we haven't visited since January 22/January 23, to find one.

Check this Paul Ryburn post:

Sleep Out Louie’s, one of the last places to carry NTN/Buzztime Trivia Downtown, closed in February 2007. Since then there has not been a Paul vs. Skippy trivia match.

Until [May 17], at Calhoun’s.

Paul then showed a screenshot with the final scores: PROFPR (Paul) at 12,092, and SKIPPY at 8,691.

I did the trivia victory dance.

I don't know if Skippy blogs, but I predict a rematch.

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