Saturday, February 7, 2009

Time just buzzed right by me (Tequila Hoppers, Feb 7 2009)

If you saw my previous post, you know that I was playing NTN Buzztime Trivia at Tequila Hoppers in Upland, California earlier this afternoon. It turns out that this is the first time that I had an opportunity to play trivia since September 22, 2008, when I played at the Beale St. Bar & Grill at Oracle OpenWorld 2008. Obviously it's been a while since I played, as I'll note a little later.

If you look at the Tequila Hoppers leaderboard, you'll see the top 20 as of today.

1 RUSS 13,310,500
2 LILBIT 9,695,100
3 GARY 9,016,800
4 HONEZ 6,000,700
5 JEFE 3,532,500
6 TC 1,996,000
7 SCOTT 1,573,800
8 FOOZLE 1,533,900
9 BUDMAN 784,000
10 HARFER 744,100
11 DRUIDS 551,600
12 COMON 531,800
13 SHADY 429,200
14 KID 380,800
15 PRLJAM 283,500
16 RDWNGS 194,500
17 OEMPER 187,700
18 AROGTB 171,800
19 GECKO 159,500
20 CUP 119,300

I (under the handle OEMPER) am number 17 on the leaderboard (my play today did not advance me beyond RDWNGS), and RUSS is number 1. As it turns out, RUSS was there this afternoon, and there's a reason he has 13 million points. He beat me in three out of the four games that we played.

As I mentioned earlier, it's been a while since I played...and things have changed a bit.

The first game that I played was Appeteasers, but as I noted previously, it wasn't called Appeteasers today. It's now called Lunchtime Trivia.

Then after Lunchtime Trivia ended, we started a game called Buzztime Trivia. Older users may recall that the old game Countdown was renamed as Buzztime Trivia at one point. But this Buzztime Trivia was a little different.

  • First off, there were only ten questions, rather than fifteen.

  • Second off, the game was only fifteen minutes long, rather than thirty. I had previously commented that NTN Buzztime had a lot of special fifteen minute games, but I didn't realize that even some of their regular games (other than lunchtime games) were also fifteen minute games.

  • Third off, this Buzztime didn't have hints. If you've played the old Buzztime (formerly called Countdown), you'll recall that you'd usually get three hints regarding the answer to the trivia question, and that by the third hint you were guaranteed to figure out the answer so you can at least get a few points. This Buzztime Trivia was more Wipeout-like, which meant that two of the four answers would be removed as the clock wound down, and two would remain. So you'd either get the question, or you wouldn't. Sometimes I didn't.
So after two of these fifteen-minute ten-question Buzztime Trivia games, we got a thirty-minute, fifteen-question game which was now named Countdown. Again.

All in all, though, I had a good time. I want to write a little more about Russ and Tequila Hoppers, but I'll save that for other posts in other blogs.

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