Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Buzztime trivia benefits an oft-neglected market - the deaf

This blog has been around for about a year now. (In fact, I need to make sure that I haven't already passed the one-year anniversary.) In fact, back on May 17, 2008, I wrote about an NTN Buzztime promotional video, and concluded my post with the following:

At first I was disturbed at the fact that there was no sound in this video, but then I realized that this was a true and accurate demonstration of the product. Think of your average sports bar, in which one of the TVs (usually the one showing the local team's game) will have sound, and all of the other TVs will be muted, allowing you to watch the game but not hear it. Well, Buzztime is an entirely sound-free activity, so as not to interfere with other things being watched on other TVs. Clever, once you realize what's going on.

I had forgotten about this until I saw yet another post in the series of posts I'm finding that talk about the trivia games available at Buffalo Wild Wings.


Buffalo Wild Wings

Friday, May 29, 2009

6700 Knightdale Blvd
Knightdale, NC 27545

C’mon out and kick off the Memorial Day weekend celebrations at Buffalo Wild Wings in Knightdale! This is a no-holds-barred bar with affordable, top-quality food, including award-winning chicken wings and twelve signature sauces- YUM! There’s big-screen TVs, onscreen Buzztime® Trivia and a menu full of great food. Lookin’ forward to seein’ ya’all there!

OK, other than the fact that the writer speaks Southern, and other than the fact that the writer inadvertently references a Buffalo Wild Wings competitor, this is your average "play trivia with us" message. But then I got to wondering - what is this "DPHH" that's referenced? The explanation appears in the bottom of the post:

The Deaf Professional Happy Hour (DPHH)™ hosts logistical information and provides certain administrative support for the functions of DPHH™ as a pro bono service to the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Again, you wouldn't think of it - or at least I wouldn't think of it - but NTN Buzztime Trivia is a perfect activity in which the deaf can participate. Since no sound is involved (for the reasons I mentioned in last years's post), there's no barrier for deaf participation in the games.

And if you think that all of the deaf players are meekly sitting quietly while playing their games, think again:

DPHH™, its subsidiaries, officers, and sponsors and the DPHH™ committees assume no liability for the behavior of individuals or the group at DPHH™ events. No DPHH™ committee member or other representative of DPHH™ is responsible for monitoring DPHH™ event participants.

It might get nasty at Buffalo Wild Wings in Knightdale on Friday May 29. Especially if Jane Fernandes appears in any of the trivia questions.

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P.S. The blog anniversary is on May 9. I'm safe.

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