Monday, June 1, 2009

Maybe they'll have twins trivia some evening

On Sunday night, this author was one of ten FriendFeed users who was featured in a Louis Gray post entitled 10 People To Follow On FriendFeed For May 2009. This is (part of) what Louis Gray said:

John runs a blog network called Empoprises, a series of vertical sites with distinct focus.

The reason that I'm mentioning this post in THIS blog is because Louis chose to link to this blog, Empoprise-NTN, as an example of one of the vertical sites with distinct focus. If you're curious, the "distinct focus" of this particular blog is the series of trivia games that are provided by NTN Buzztime, a Carlsbad, California based company that provides televised, networked trivia games in thousands of restaurants and bars throughout the United States and Canada. Clearly a vertical interest, especially for those of you who don't live in North America.

But let's say you're an early adopted who lives in the Silicon Valley and wants to see what all the NTN Buzztime fuss is about. Perhaps you have young kids who are a little bit antsy, and you want to get out of the house for a little bit. Perhaps you're not really into the bar scene, but such places certainly serve alternative drinks if you're not a drinker. And there are two places in Silicon Valley where you can play NTN Buzztime trivia:

Now I have not been to either of these places, but I have played NTN Buzztime in San Francisco (at Beale St. Bar & Grill) during Oracle OpenWorld.

P.S. I might as well plug my other vertical sites with distinct focus. The other blogs in the Empoprises network are Empoprise-BI (business), Empoprise-IE (California's Inland Empire), and Empoprise-MU (music).

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