Friday, June 5, 2009

NTN Buzztime competing against...Microsoft? (Xbox Live Primetime and 1 vs. 100)

It's possible that someone might run across this post and not understand how NTN Buzztime games work. What happens is that you go to a location (in this case, a restaurant or bar), obtain a hardware device, look at a screen, and compete against people on an entire network of locations.

Well, I just ran across another system that allows you to go to a location, obtain a hardware device, look at a screen, and compete against people on an entire network of locations. In this case, the hardware device is an Xbox, and the game, 1 vs. 100, is of course from Microsoft.

DJI at Robot Panic compares the two networks:

This 1 vs. 100 thing is the flagship of Microsoft’s new Prime Time service, a dedicated section in the Live submenus. In order to play these primetime games, you need to login during whatever two-hour period is scheduled for that game. Thankfully these sessions are advertised well in advance in the little NXE event ads you all know well and you are even given the option to set reminders for yourself....

It looks like the service can only hold 50,000 players at this time. That’s impressive for a first run, but the word is that number is going to expand....

t’s like a giant NTN Buzztime trivia event at Buffalo Wild Wings or somethin’, but without the wings.

And about the game itself:

You are given a trivia question with three multiple choice answers revealed in sequence. Answering the question is worth 200 points, but the number counts down as soon as the answers are revealed, like the countdown buzztime bar trivia. The faster you answer, the more points you get, even if wrong. You are given extra points for maintaining a streak of correct answers. Correct answers are also given a bonus based on how many of The Mob got the question wrong. The question types I experienced were basically 80% about frikkin’ Television shows, with the rest being about anything from sports, to SCIENCE, to videogames.

As for which is better, that's a decision that you have to make for yourself. Some people want to stay at home, while others want to go out.

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