Monday, June 15, 2009

The power of camraderie

The one advantage of having NTN Buzztime games in bars rather than fitness centers is that bars lend themselves better to a social environment. Certainly some fitness centers are social, but people tend to be focused on themselves and their bodies. As a result, even people who don't like trivia can be sucked into the fun. Take Teresa:

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings....We ordered two cold ones and eventually I asked the guys next to us what the blue Electric Bingo Dauber type machines were that they had. They said it was a trivia game and that we should play. I quickly explained that I was terrible at trivia, I actually fundamentally hate Trivial Pursuit and would chose only to play the kiddie version if forced.

Well, Teresa was eventually persuaded to play, and guess what happened?

I sucked as expected....

So you may think that Teresa hated the experience. She didn't:

Although it was fun. We will [definitely] go back and I think it would be fun to go with a group, so we will see if we can rally a few people to go with us, otherwise we will just make new friends if only temporarily....

So if Teresa enjoyed herself, perhaps anyone would.

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