Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Perhaps we need NTN Buzztime in fitness centers

Yep, I found yet another story of someone playing NTN Buzztime trivia.

We had a meal at Buffalo Wild Wings, a chain, where we played Buzztime trivia against THE WHOLE COUNTRY and placed 149th out of 5551 teams. Nice.

But check the next bit:

I had some kind of salad, and you know how it is at places like that: even the salads have calories in the quadruple digits.

And I also found this mention:

My favorite is the 99 cent kids meals on Monday nights at Buffalo Wild Wings. Our family of four can get in and out of there for less that $20 including tip. We love to play the trivia games and the food is always fantastic!

So you have multi-generations loading up on the calories here.

There's one drawback about online trivia games, or in fact most types of online activity - the activities are sedentary in nature. Couple that with the fact that NTN Buzztime is available in restaurants and bars, and you have a...um, recipe for potential trouble.

Truffle runs on the treadmill by John (star5112) used under a Creative Commons License

So if we aren't going to put NTN Buzztime in Denny's, why not put it in gyms? The gym where I used to have a membership had TVs on various elliptical and treadmill and bicicyle devices - why not replace those with a touchscreen showing NTN Buzztime trivia?

And there are benefits. While placing NTN Buzztime in a bar helps to increase a restaurant's alcohol and food revenues, placing NTN Buzztime in a gym helps to increase the time that people are exercising.

Am I crazy?

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